Sacred Art

Sacred Art

Sacred Art

Is art that  is visually inspiring and assists in: activations, healing and supports your souls journey back to wholeness. The intention behind my hearts Sacred Art is to fully support the healing & restoration of humanity, the earth and all of life: back to our original state and into full remembrance.

How Does it Work?

Light codes and sacred geometry which hold and emit a certain frequency (like a crystal) are embedded both through the layers of paint and work together with the exquisite beauty of the work. This is a skill that many old masters of Sacred Art  perfected in the mysteries of old, those that came before me.

The light codes themselves are not really for your logical mind to break down and understand…but rather for your body. Its about a feeling, that your body recognises. Your body feels the codes on a cellular DNA level which can result in healing, an activation or remembrance. The power of the sacred work depends on how you decide to work with i

Your Source Key Code

For an adult this is a one time key code that remains the same like a homing device which activates your DNA because it is a portal to your original Source Human Blueprint. Through our consultation I feel and see your unique Source Key code in my minds eye, I see it as swirling sacred geometric patterns, I pull it through onto paper to create a spirit drawing that can be used as a very powerful tool on your spiritual journey. Popular as a powerful tatoo, or even a personalised Logo for your high vibe business…

Star Child Portrait

Sacred paintings given to your child at important moments in their lives. The frequency of their own star portrait can help them heal, inspire their soul, remember how truly special they are and much more. Each painting is one of a kind and completely unique. It will contain light codes or sacred geometry which hold and emit a certain frequency to support your child’s souls spiritual growth at this time.

Sacred Altar Paintings

Light encoded art pieces which I am called to paint and may call you, to be held sacred in your Temple, Altar or Medicine space. If you feel connected to a painting the energies, frequencies, high light beings depicted in the painting wish to work with you. In addition if there is a certain sacred energy, teacher, star family or spirit of nature that you wish to be painted in Sacred Art form for your medicine space.