Source Key Code


Your unique Source Key Code
As an adult this is a one time Source Key code that remains the same like a homing device, which activates your DNA because it is a portal to your original Source Human Blueprint.

Other words to describe this code are: Source code, Eternal spark, Soul essence.

Through our online consultation and along with a photograph, I feel and see your unique Key code in my minds eye as a frequency deep within you. I read it as swirling sacred geometric patterns and pull it through into a spirit drawing, that you can use as a very powerful tool on your spiritual journey into full remembrance.

This is a completely unique and personalised code for your soul, only you.

Fully and completely fitted to your soul to awaken the codes in your DNA it emits the frequency of your original divine blueprint for this exact now moment, to assist you in remembering your souls mission.

• Its usually A4 in size, includes gold or silver and any other symbols or images that come forward for you.

How to use your Source Key Code

• Your Key code can be: placed on your altar,
in your healing space,
incorporated into your daily practise and sacred containers
for healing, activation or rites of passage.

• Much like a crystal your spirit painting holds its frequency when treated like a sacred object and used in a ceremonial way to assist with your spiritual practices.

• Your Source Key Code can also be used as a very a powerful tatoo. I recommended to use tattooists or hand-poke artists who perform their art in a sacred and ceremonial way, which fits with the sacredness of your code. Wearing your Source Key Code on your skin is very powerful.

• Your Source Key code can also be used for a personal business logo, in our consultation lets discuss the intention and details of your business so I can include this in the code.

Follow my instagram to see other souls Source Key Codes, tatoos, logos and altar pieces.

* Time 4 weeks from the consultation plus postage time. For special circumstances we can discuss a deadline.
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