I am an environmental artist based in Portugal but have traveled extensively working on many different projects around the world. I passionately believe in using art to bring awareness to important conservation issues, and have a rich background in activism. I adore exploring themes around the frequency that takes place when we really connect with nature, eye to eye with the wild creatures of our ocean and land.

On the other hand, I am extremely adaptable, years of experience has trained me to become very flexible and talented at pinpointing the perfect ‘look’ that my clients have in mind. I have collaborated with Interior Designers to produce art that truly compliments homes and businesses. I specialize in a bespoke touch of custom designed art, which truly enhances the experience of the space.


As a company, we have worked with Nori on quite a few projects, from themed mural work needed for restaurants to Bespoke fine art canvases required for our hospitality projects – all of which Nori has approached with fabulous creativity , great insight and an ability to deliver the vision and brief asked of her. The versatility of her work and style enables her to achieve the right finish and cater for  a wide range of clients.
She is a joy to work with , diligent and passionate about her work. We would recommend her services without hesitation, and will continue to work with her in the future too!

Manong Lewis
Essex Interiors Ltd London