The  inspiration for my latest adult coloring book came from travels in India, Thailand and Barbados. My illustrations center around incredible encounters with sentient beings from the ocean and creatures from the rain forest many of which I actually experienced.

In our fast paced modern lifestyle many of us are searching for wholeness, meaning and happiness.

In this book I present my own coloring medicine to help you experience meditative meaningful moments  with many species  in our own natural world and the ocean. This medicine of connection is all around us, if we would only open our eyes wider to see it.

Through coloring between my lines I help you find the present moment and I will imbue you with the frequency’s of connection, kindness and compassion for all life. Even though our natural world is suffering from what humanity is doing many wild animals if given the chance do seek to reciprocate friendship and kindness and also wish for a world where we could all live in harmony. Its time to evolve as a collective and respond to the invitation to reconnect with nature to feel whole again.

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