Years of experience has trained me to become very flexible and talented at pinpointing the perfect ‘look’ that my clients have in mind. I have collaborated with top Interior Designers to produce art that truly compliments homes and businesses.


I’m trained in decorative paint finishes which replicate the appearance of materials such as marble, wood or stone. My specialty is true ‘eco ’friendly wood, I can turn any surface into all kinds of wood (like teak or oak) or match any existing wood without cutting down a single tree!  I easily turn ceiling beams, from cement into realistic hard wood, which gives a total different atmosphere to a room.Even outdoors this technique has no limits! These are pictures from a fantastic project called Destination Lagos Zoo, turning the brand new entrance building into a giant animal crate in pine wood.See portfolio for more.

Customized 3D Oil Paintings

I specialize in bespoke art pieces for private residence or corporate offices. It’s a personal joy to research and intuitively come up with a creative expression of colour that resonates with you deeply. I work closely with your Interior Designer and/or architect to incorporate the style, design, colouring, fabric and desired atmosphere of the room. This results in an exclusive and personal piece of artwork that is specifically tailored to your needs.         

Residential and Corporate Murals

I specialize in both indoor and outdoor murals (large or small) for the home, hostel, hotel or restaurant. I have painted around the world in various different styles, on all types of surfaces (including furniture) I have worked carefully with Interior Designers to produce murals that are perfectly in sync, matching the style, fabric and desired atmosphere of the residential home or business.


Surf and ocean themes are a personal favourite of mine. These murals painted for a Surf Hostel in Costa Rica, bring to life the beauty and energy of iconic whales and dolphins.


For this large hotel chain in South Africa, sets of canvases for each room were part of an extensive project working closely with a top Interior Designer. People and African wildlife was the loose theme which completely matches the style, colour and texture of the fabric and the interior design of the hotel as a whole.


For this restaurant the murals and decorative finishes on the walls were painted to match the specification. Distinct ‘Indian’ style of artwork and bright colours were required for the project. The decorative work included gilding, wall finishes and murals for each table area which were painted in acrylics on site. Traditional Indian imagery and styles were used to capture an authentic experience and feel.


French for “deceive the eye”, this is an old art technique that uses realistic imagery to create an optical illusion that the depicted objects, exist in three dimensions. I have used these techniques on large scale corporate projects and on both indoor/outdoor murals which required a specific illusion and enlargement of the subject.


NEW (almost complete) adult colouring book. Taking years to complete each page is an original hand drawn illustration. It’s designed to appeal to all colourist levels: from very detailed scenes, to simpler lines. Inspiration for this book comes from travels around the world and privileged encounters with the incredible animals that share our ocean and rain forests.

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